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A Typical "Free" Kitchen Design

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Kitchen Design Evaluation - 8 Key Points
This kitchen has been designed in a way that will work, there's nothing really wrong with it as such. However, it's not great either, this fitted kitchen will probably cost around £8,000 to £10,000 and will be a bit stressful for the next two or three weeks so the following points KP has picked up on are really important and well worth the £39 fee. It's often the case that the retail kitchen designers have enough knowledge to deliver a reasonable design like this but often lack a real passion to deliver an out-standing plan that will stand the test of time. Let's take a look at the eight points we found with this layout.

1) As well as making the fitting easier to achieve a higher finish, clad on end panels really help enhance the look of a kitchen. Always use clad-on end panels where possible. This will often push the price up but it's worth every penny.
2) Lighting - To be fair, the designer have decided not to add the lighting into the plan due to time constraints but it's really important to think carefully about the lighting at the stage. Ensure you have a solid plan in place for the lighting and electrics when the fitters are booked, it's much easier to put the electric work in at the right time. Lighting when used correctly can turn a basic kitchen into something really special, do not over-look this important aspect.
3) Base units are essential but you don't have to fill the kitchen with standard base units, they are difficult to get good access to because you have to bend down, reach in and move stuff around if you need something at the back. Consider pull out storage and drawer units to improve the way you use the space.
4) Corner units, always a pain but whatever you do, make sure the designer has allowed enough space for the drawers to open ( handles often clash and this design looks dubious ) better still drop the drawer-line units for full height cabinets with sets of drawers as mentioned in point 3.
5) Whenever possible, try to get the sink central to the window, it really makes a difference to the appearance of a kitchen.
6) Well, firstly if you spending £10,000 on a kitchen then it's worth spending another £300 or so to get a built-in dishwasher. Try to place the dishwasher under the sink drainer, this is practical use of space as well as a number of installation benefits.
7) Wall units are not the best of use of space, they have very limited use of space and quite frankly, they are boring and often simply over powering. You don't have to use so many wall units, try pushing your designer for a bit more creativity.
8) As per point 6. Do something with that ugly white lump of metal, there's a tonne of options available, built-in and American style are two better and very popular options.

Have a look at the same kitchen re-designed, it over-comes all these issues. The only potential downside is the reduced amount of usable work surface but this is a design to show the impact a few changes can make, it's a bit exaggerated but makes the point that you don't have to go with this boring, standard kitchen design. You might also say that there isn't as much storage but you'd be wrong because it actually has more storage and it's more practical to use. The price for this kitchen would be a little more but again, I would reiterate that it's worth paying a bit more to get it absolutely right! We have built out the oven, built around an American fridge freezer and built a false chimney to create a feature. This kitchen could be design a 1000 ways, always remember that it's what works for you, don't rush into a decision.