Kitchen Design for Building Plans

Ensure your building plans are right for the kitchen

Get it RIGHT NOW to Avoid Disappointment Later 

If you are building a new property or having an extension to your existing home then no doubt, you'll have some architect drawings. If these plans include a kitchen then you should at this stage get some specific plans drawn, get a kitchen designed now by an expert before you start building.

It's much better to get the design right now as there may be something in the building plans that would be better to change to suit the kitchen, a smaller or bigger window, moving a door over or the location of a boiler, the list can go on forever, but the point is; get the kitchen designed first and then you can finalise the building plans and start building your exciting project.

As a kitchen designer, on numerous occasions I have been out to site to measure up once the walls are up, I take the measurements and get to work. Nine times out of ten, there's something that would have improved the design of the kitchen had it been considered before and its a lot harder, expensive and often impossible to change after.


How the Kitchen Planner can Help YOU

Firstly, upload you building plans to the kitchen planner together with a wishlist and any ideas or drawings you have.

We will then provide a design for you and email it back for you to consider, if we make any suggestions that require changes to the building plans then you can go back and speak to your architect or builder.


The One Plan £297

You send the measurements and we design for you, probably the best £297 you will spend on your project that when complete, you'll have t live with for many years.

Additional designs or small changes can be purchased, we usually charge £99 for a few changes or £199 for a re-design. This is always dependent on what we need to do and why. If it's a small and simple change then we usually wouldn't charge.