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Step 1) Measure Your Kitchen

You'll need to measure wall to wall and note all the important factors, any restrictions, doorways, windows, ceiling heights etc. 

Guide to Measuring a Kitchen

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Step 2) Send Your Measurement's & Wishlist

Just send us your measurements and a wishlist from the webpage. You can download a free copy of our wishlist PDF here

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Step 3) We Design & Send Your Plans

You will be supplied with a design from your measurements and the wishlist PDF. You'll be presented with a scaled plan and 2 colour 3D prints together with the excellent kitchen buyers guide

Independent Kitchen design

It's becoming very popular to have an Independent Kitchen Designer plan a kitchen, more and more people are choosing this option

Benefits of an Independent Kitchen Designers...

✓ NO SALES, so they can focus purely on getting the design right 100% for you

✓ Don't work for any kitchen retailer, so can be completely open about budget and get truly honest opinions about any kitchen product

✓ Provide complete Plans with all measurements, Elevations, 3D Colour Perspectives that can be used to obtain quotes from any retailer

✓ No limitations on your design to any particular Kitchen Retailers styles or service

✓ Keep up with all new product innovations and trends

Highly experienced Kitchen Designers with many thousands of kitchen designs behind them

Contacts and relationships with good local Kitchen Retailers, Worktop Fabricators, Appliance Suppliers, and Installers should you require them

Can often save you more than their fee by cutting out costly planning errors, and showing you how to design your kitchen in the most cost effect way as well as offering advice on how to save money when buying a kitchen.

"Just upload your measurements today and let's get started on a stunning kitchen"


Turn this "typical free kitchen design" into...

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A truly individual and stunning kitchen