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"I have a real passion for kitchen design, to be truly excellent and stand the test of time, it must incorporate both aesthetics and functionality. There is no, one size fits all, every household has different needs and should be assessed accordingly"

Stuart Miles,
The Kitchen Planner


I have always had a creative flair, at age 19, I kind of stumbled into kitchen sales and found something I was really interested in. Following on from that, I have worked for MFI, United Kitchens, Kitchens Direct, Magnet, B&Q, and Jewsons to name a few. I also went on with this experience to form my own company which developed into a showroom and part manufacturing facility with five employed installers. I have a wealth of experience in not just designing kitchens but also the installation, I can comfortably fit a kitchen to a very high standard, I have a very good knowledge of electrics, plumbing and carpentry.I have undertaken several property renovations and made a quick solid profit on all of them, the reason is because I got the design right and within budget. The best personal result was a £75,000 increase in six weeks, my next project which I will start is 2018 is to build my own property, my grand design and I am extremely excited about that.I have also run a very successful furniture refurbishment company whereby we sourced furniture and renovated it, usually hand painting older solid wood dressers, units, or tables and chairs. To me, budget isn't important for good design, you just have to work a bit harder with a lower budget but you can create wonderful results on very small amounts of money.Since 2010, I have working in a very different industry, I am a partner in a dental clinic, I had a break from the kitchen design scene but I have kept my hand in a number of projects and really, really excited to launch The Kitchen Planner, simply to help people with some interesting articles and free help guides.

✓ Over 15 Years Experience Designing, Manufacturing & Fitting Kitchens
✓ Worked for and with over 25 kitchen companies
✓ Several successful house renovations
✓ Extensive Knowledge and experience of building regulations and extension plans
✓ Designed 1000's of kitchens
✓ Difficult or small kitchens planned to maximum potential
✓ Appreciates existing architecture and surroundings
✓ Will work with any budget
✓ Knowledge and access to the entire market
✓ Money saving tips and ways to avoid over paying
✓ Very passionate about getting the design right
✓ Can design modern, classic or traditional kitchens

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The Kitchen Buyer's Guide £19
If you are planning on buying a kitchen then this is the best £19 you can spend. Packed with design tips, supplier reviews, top saving tips and advice on all aspects of kitchens.
The kitchen buyers guide covers how to keep your fitters on time, when to pay and what to do if something goes wrong. It also looks at your current lifestyle, your kitchen needs and some really good tips about maximising storage. Appliances are covered in great detail as are the online suppliers. The kitchen buyers guide will really help you to ensure that you get the very best out of your new kitchen.