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Buying a new kitchen is a big expense, so, whatever your budget is, isn't it vital that you get the best possible design? What a shame to spend so much money only to be left disappointed, an independent designer with an artistic flair and extensive knowledge of design and construction can provide you with so much more

We are totally independent - we do not work for any kitchen company, sell any kitchen products or services.

This means we can provide simple, honest and informative advice

simple, honest and informative advice

Choice & Expertise

With an independent kitchen planner you'll have access to every single product available in the industry

Time Saved

Talking to one designer means, one plan and no sitting in showrooms discussions with sales staff, three quotations is on average, six hours of your time

Independent Service

Because we are not selling anything, there is no agenda, all we want to do is ensure you get the best possible kitchen design

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